Digital Wood Carver was founded in 2009 and comes from humble beginnings. Owner Burl Tichenor has a passion for woodworking along with a mind for, as well as an education and career in Engineering. With his knowledge and passion combined, he ventured out to create an affordable CNC Wood Router that was made in the USA, manufactured with quality parts, was robust, reliable & easy to use.  From that moment, Digital Wood Carver was born.

Burl Tichenor-Owner

Going from a basement manufacturer and growing into one of the leading CNC systems on the market today. Digital Wood Carver now has manufacturing facilities in Martinsville and Shoals, Indiana.  Digital Wood Carver’s reputation for quality and affordability, along with the company’s unrivaled customer service has led to exceptional growth and put the company on the leader board of hobby, midsize and commercial CNC routers that are available today. The DWC2440, which is the flagship CNC of the company is one of the most popular and affordable mid-size routers you can buy. If you are looking to make unique masterpieces, add to your existing company production or just a hobbyist looking for a fun and creative way to pass the time. Digital Wood Carver has the CNC solution to meet your needs.

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