VEX IQ Robot Rumble Rules


The VEX IQ Robot Rumble is meant for teams to compete in a competition where the goal is to eliminate the other robot by destruction. Teams will all follow the same rules and have the same kit of parts to construct their battle ready robots. Please keep in mind, this is aimed to be a fun, laid back event. Any team exploiting the rules (aka reading between the lines, in the grey areas of the rules) may be subject to a referees decision. Make sure we are all here to have fun.

Arena Rules

  • Teams will conduct robot combat in a 4 foot by 4 foot battle arena.
  • Teams will start their match on opposite sides of the battle arena, contacting any portion of the wall, in any manner.
  • Once the driver has backed away from the robot (aka obviously leaving the robot in the field), there may be no touching of the robot.

Robot Rules

  • All robots MUST be constructed by the parts of the supplied VEX IQ Super Kit in their original condition.
    • Super Kits include 4 motors
    • Super Kits include 1 Brain and 1 Remote Control
    • Super Kits include multiple sensors that may be utilized
    • No modification of anything. No cutting, gluing, soldering, electrical modification, etc.
  • The robot may not use any of the packaging materials (shipping boxes, storage boxes, bags, twist ties, etc), only robot parts with a valid VEX IQ SKU number included in the Super Kit may be used. Absolutely no cutting, melting or modifying of parts.
  • Robot size may not exceed 16” wide by 16” long with unlimited vertical height at the start of the match.
  • Robots may expand and change size in any direction after the match starts.
    • Destruction is the goal, robots will naturally grow in size as the destruction commences.
  • Programming is allowed.
    • Programming done must use the commercially available programming software located on the VEX IQ website
    • VEXcode Blocks or Text are acceptable.
    • Custom programmed robot codes should be available on site for referee review if there is a question about the use of VEXcode software.
    • Firmware may NOT be altered in any way.
    • The purpose of programming is to customize controls on the remote controls to suit the robot design.
  • Destruction is the goal. Build robots of quality that can take the wear and tear of aggressive robot action.

Competition Rules

  • Matches will be in a randomly seeded, bracket format (brackets will be made based on the number of entries). Win and move on to the next round.
  • Matches will be limited to 2:00 minutes in length or by TKO.
  • Win your match by TKO or judges decision to move on.
  • TKO is a case where a robot cannot make gainful, aggressive moves. This means, if your robot loses ability to initiate combat, they cannot make gainful, aggressive moves.
  • Judges’ decisions are the judges’ opinion on who won. The judge may handle this in multiple ways.
    • Crowd “cheer” vote to determine who the crowd thinks won.
    • Judges personal opinion (based on aggressiveness, effectiveness, robustness).
    • Consultation of event staff.
  • Teams will have a minimum of 10:00 minutes of time between matches.
    • Plan on repairs and do the best you can to get the robot repaired for the next round.
  • HAVE FUN! We are all here to have a good time. Let’s make it a fun event.