We are pleased to announce that Davin Huston will be our keynote speaker for the Anderson Maker Faire Conference in December. Davin is an associate professor of practice at Purdue University in the School of Engineering Technology, Purdue Polytechnic, as well as in the Department of Theatre.

Here is a little of what you can expect:

“What does creativity mean in a STEM field? How do we harness this as a superpower for today‚Äôs technology and manufacturing industries? It also bears to mind that while we speak of STEM to not forget the humans involved: designers, engineers, executives, frontline employees, and end users involved in the creation of all the products. Everyone involved in this complete product / service lifecycle needs to be ready to be flexible to fully unlocked all the potential pathways to success.”

Davin Huston

Davin’s creative and research interests include the use of different art mediums and media to help educate students in technology disciplines. Through this blend of topics, he believes that students will engage in both art and technology with a deeper understanding of the impact the topics have in their lives and in others lives.

In addition to his teaching and research, he is a faculty advisor for a multi-disciplinary student organization, All Majors Engaged in Technology (AMET) and the Theme Park Engineering and Design (TPED). He received his B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology in 2004 and M.S. in Technology in 2007 from Purdue University.

Prior to his current position, Davin was a consultant at the acoustic and audio/video design firm Kirkegaard Associates in Chicago, IL.